About Us

If you are:

  • A professional songwriter
  • The next Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber
  • A business that needs a jingle produced
  • Church or School productions
  • A singer in plays, events, or weddings

Studio Recording Service is what you need!

We are the most affordable, hassle-free way to take your simple demo or even just lyrics to the next level. Yes! You can send just your lyrics; we'll create the perfect melody.

Our recordings are not “demos.” They are the finished product ready to be released to radio or burned to CDs.

The players, producers and engineers we employ are the real deal! Your song will benefit from an entire band of professional musicians playing only their primary instrument. Our interactive, proprietary software streamlines an amazing collaboration between your SRS band members, producers and engineers. Click here for a list of artists that trust their performances to our team members every day.

With SRS you get world-class talent for the most affordable price ever!

Studio Recording Service